European Workshop on Equine Nutrition (EWEN) was initiated and organized for the first time in 2002 in Dijon by the research team of Veronique Julliand. In 2004, it was once more held in Dijon, this time under the umbrella of the European Working Group Nutrition set up by the Horse commission of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) today named European Federation of Animal Science. Following the 2004 meeting EWEN began a tour of Europe with meetings held: Italy (2006), Finland (2008), United Kingdom (2010), Portugal (2012), Germany (2014) and then again Dijon (2016). In 2018 EWEN was held in Sweden and it returns to the United Kingdom again in 2022 (the postponed 2020 meeting). Prior to this website EWEN pages were linked to hosting institutions and therefore many have disappeared but some are still active and can be found here.

The founding aims of the workshop are:

  1. Bring together European and International equine nutrition scientists, to promote information and foster innovation.
  2. Bring together not only scientists but also technical specialists, the horse industry and professional practitioners to facilitate scientific and technological transfer.